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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wallingford 6PM total turnout number

At 6PM the total Wallingford turnout numbers were 9,259 voted or 37%.

With two hours remaining at that point we have beaten the 35.6% turnout from 2009 (there was no challenger in the Mayoral race that year – Mayor Dickinson ran unopposed).

At this point the best numbers I estimate we could get are about 10,500 but that would put us at nearly 42% and it would be the best local turnout since 2007.

43.1% was 11,036 voters back in 2001 and 11,624 voters in 2007 was a turnout percentage of 45.7%

Again – this was from the totals at 6PM which means there are still two hours to go.

Anything can happen – nothing is off the table as those numbers are NOT out of reach.

Let’s see how the rest of all this plays out.

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