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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Election 2013 - In Wallingford there were no losses

So I am sure I will have some more thoughts in the coming days to post but I would like to say quickly before I go to bed (because the 5:34AM train comes really early) that there are no real losers in this election.

The people of Wallingford were offered different choices and they were offered the information to make them and while I don’t have all the numbers in total (as counts are unofficial) over 11,100 people exercised their right to vote.

The last time this happened was in 2007 (because the showing has been poorer since then). These totals also broke the numbers of the 2001 election as well. At an estimated turnout of 44.2% that is pretty impressive.

27 people stood up and said “I am willing to lead – if chosen” and 13 were.

25,100 people registered to vote and about 11,100 showed up to choose.

For the next two years the 13 will serve the 46,000 – how is there a loss in this?

Thank you to all my supporters for their backing.

Thank you to all my detractors for making me work harder.

Thank you Wallingford for the pleasure – it has been an honor for the opportunity.

And tomorrow is Wednesday.

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