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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thank you

With the election over and the holiday season upon us, I wanted to take this time to thank all of you so kindly for your support of my campaign for Mayor of Wallingford.

While it is unfortunate that the goal of winning the election was not reached, it does not diminish the hard work and support that I received from you during the campaign. We accomplished things this past year that haven’t been done in the past 20 years – this cannot be underscored enough. It was a campaign for “the record books” and I am humbled and honored that you were a part of it with me.

I still fully believe that Wallingford’s best days are ahead of us; they will simply develop differently than the vision we all shared.

I have the honor to have served as your Town Councilor for this past two year term and with my final meeting coming up in December I leave those duties and tasks to those nine that were chosen by the electorate this November. They will have the direct charge of fighting for a better Wallingford and they will be responsible to figure out the ways to make the changes that are needed make our town an even better place to live, work, and play, to make it an even better place to raise a family, start and grow a business, and retire.

All of us that are concerned with this as well, as voters, residents, and taxpayers, MUST be present to keep them on OUR task of delivering that future.

While I may be out of office there are still many things to be done. I do not need a chair “up there” to bring these things to fruition; it would be easier but it can still be done. I will spend some time thinking outside the box on how to do just that. I hope that as those times come you can once again support those efforts, in whatever fashion they are, to help move Wallingford forward.

Once again, I am humbled by the help, support, and encouragement that I received; it was an experience that I will never forget.

With deepest gratitude,


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

With the end of the 2013 Campaign we will shift all topical posts to Wallingford Politico

With the ending of the campaign and the 2013 election cycle we will shift all topical related posts over to Wallingford Politico.

This blog will remain searchable and stay online for the data it contains.

Thank you again for all the support over the past 12 months of the campaign.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Election 2013 - In Wallingford there were no losses

So I am sure I will have some more thoughts in the coming days to post but I would like to say quickly before I go to bed (because the 5:34AM train comes really early) that there are no real losers in this election.

The people of Wallingford were offered different choices and they were offered the information to make them and while I don’t have all the numbers in total (as counts are unofficial) over 11,100 people exercised their right to vote.

The last time this happened was in 2007 (because the showing has been poorer since then). These totals also broke the numbers of the 2001 election as well. At an estimated turnout of 44.2% that is pretty impressive.

27 people stood up and said “I am willing to lead – if chosen” and 13 were.

25,100 people registered to vote and about 11,100 showed up to choose.

For the next two years the 13 will serve the 46,000 – how is there a loss in this?

Thank you to all my supporters for their backing.

Thank you to all my detractors for making me work harder.

Thank you Wallingford for the pleasure – it has been an honor for the opportunity.

And tomorrow is Wednesday.

Wallingford unofficial results Election 2013 (including absentee totals).


We don’t have the final district yet (the sixth) but the race belongs to Mayor Dickinson

I’ll post the final numbers as I get them but I concede the race.

Congratulations to William Dickinson on his 16th term as Mayor of Wallingford.

I’ll be heading up to Gaetano’s shortly to congratulate the winners

District 7 is in


District 5 is in


Wallingford 6PM total turnout number

At 6PM the total Wallingford turnout numbers were 9,259 voted or 37%.

With two hours remaining at that point we have beaten the 35.6% turnout from 2009 (there was no challenger in the Mayoral race that year – Mayor Dickinson ran unopposed).

At this point the best numbers I estimate we could get are about 10,500 but that would put us at nearly 42% and it would be the best local turnout since 2007.

43.1% was 11,036 voters back in 2001 and 11,624 voters in 2007 was a turnout percentage of 45.7%

Again – this was from the totals at 6PM which means there are still two hours to go.

Anything can happen – nothing is off the table as those numbers are NOT out of reach.

Let’s see how the rest of all this plays out.

Total voted count update from District 4 (Dag)


Another example of expected higher than average turnout (based on hourly averaging)


Projections are showing a higher than average turnout as of 1PM

As of 1PM today a little more than 5,100 people voted. This is tracking, based on an hourly average, to be heavier than 2011’s total municipal turnout if tracking maintains.

If a total of 10,000 people show up to vote it will be the highest turnout for a municipal election since 2007 when 11,624 people voted (and that was a three way Mayoral contest).

Don’t be left out - be sure to exercise your right to vote today!

The polls are open until 8PM.


Election Day is underway – CAST YOUR VOTE WALLINGFORD

The results will be published here as soon as we have them after 8PM



image  image


Election day begins at 6AM

I announced my candidacy basically a year ago (formally on Wednesday November 28, 2012) and I haven’t looked back as we took off running at warp 9 ever since.

I have tried to impress upon the voters many different things but the main thing I have tried to impress is that Wallingford is YOUR hometown – you SHOULD get informed, get involved and VOTE.

Today is election day and here are the turnout statistics for local elections:

Who actually turned out in 2011 

Town of Wallingford total number of names on official check list: 25,635    
Town of Wallingford total number of names checked as having voted: 11,036
Town of Wallingford turnout percentage: 43.1%

Town of Wallingford total number of names on official check list: 24,825    
Town of Wallingford total number of names checked as having voted: 12,389
Town of Wallingford turnout percentage: 49.9%

Town of Wallingford total number of names on official check list: 26,718    
Town of Wallingford total number of names checked as having voted: 12,719
Town of Wallingford turnout percentage: 47.6%

Town of Wallingford total number of names on official check list: 25,461    
Town of Wallingford total number of names checked as having voted: 11,624
Town of Wallingford turnout percentage: 45.7%

Town of Wallingford total number of names on official check list: 24,870    
Town of Wallingford total number of names checked as having voted: 8,850
Town of Wallingford turnout percentage: 35.6%

Town of Wallingford total number of names on official check list: 24,731    
Town of Wallingford total number of names checked as having voted:
Town of Wallingford turnout percentage: 39.5%


I want 2013 to be the year of 50.1% – let’s make it happen today.

It takes less time to vote than getting a cup of coffee to go.

You owe it to yourself to control “this much” of your future.

Make it so – let’s roll.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

So how are we doing in Wallingford’s District 9? Not too bad from the cross section of calls made.

A couple of students from Notre Dame High School in West Haven got in touch with me as the school requested that they choose a campaign to volunteer for in order to help a candidate campaign for the upcoming election.

As they put it to me, this is done “in hopes of gathering a better understanding for the electoral process. The school asks that we complete ten hours of campaign volunteer work. As a Wallingford resident, I've noticed many signs stating that you are running for Mayor, and my hope is to help you campaign. If you are interested, please considering responding and hopefully we can set up a possible schedule.”

So I got in touch with them to let them know I could use the help calling in the 9th District and they called as much of it as they could over the past three weeks as time allowed.

While the results are not “scientific” it was a wide cross sampling of the people they reached.  As one of the two students indicated in the email follow up to me:

”I've attached a folder that contains the survey results, the survey voting tally, and concerns that were mentioned during the survey process. I was quite surprised by the number of people that answered their phones, or rather the number that didn't. Regardless, It appears it's going to be a close race. You've done a fantastic job campaigning, good luck!”

Here is the data they were able to supply from the calls. Lots of room for error and a lot undecided but I am encouraged regardless. 

Pressing Concerns

Voter Tally