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Sunday, November 3, 2013

So how are we doing in Wallingford’s District 9? Not too bad from the cross section of calls made.

A couple of students from Notre Dame High School in West Haven got in touch with me as the school requested that they choose a campaign to volunteer for in order to help a candidate campaign for the upcoming election.

As they put it to me, this is done “in hopes of gathering a better understanding for the electoral process. The school asks that we complete ten hours of campaign volunteer work. As a Wallingford resident, I've noticed many signs stating that you are running for Mayor, and my hope is to help you campaign. If you are interested, please considering responding and hopefully we can set up a possible schedule.”

So I got in touch with them to let them know I could use the help calling in the 9th District and they called as much of it as they could over the past three weeks as time allowed.

While the results are not “scientific” it was a wide cross sampling of the people they reached.  As one of the two students indicated in the email follow up to me:

”I've attached a folder that contains the survey results, the survey voting tally, and concerns that were mentioned during the survey process. I was quite surprised by the number of people that answered their phones, or rather the number that didn't. Regardless, It appears it's going to be a close race. You've done a fantastic job campaigning, good luck!”

Here is the data they were able to supply from the calls. Lots of room for error and a lot undecided but I am encouraged regardless. 

Pressing Concerns

Voter Tally 

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