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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


So it has been suggested there should be a theme or focus for the campaign so after some input from others and some consideration we’ve come up with “MOVING WALLINGFORD FORWARD”

Nothing else seemed to fit as well.

We are not looking to change everything wholesale; for the point of the matter, there are a lot of things Wallingford already does pretty well.

What needs to happen with those things we already do well is to see if we can do them any better. After the assessment, if there is no way to do those things any better, more efficiently, or to have an even greater positive impact to Wallingford then we leave well enough alone and keep executing on those things in that manner.

With the situations where there are improvements to be had, efficiencies to make, process changes to implement and so forth we will do so.

No matter how good or even great you are there is always room for improvement to become better and there is no reason why Wallingford couldn’t stretch and grow and become more than it is today in positive ways.

That’s the goal – an even better Wallingford and we get there moving her forward.

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