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Monday, December 3, 2012

Response to a letter to the editor in Monday’s Record Journal titled “Good Service”

Here is the letter as published and written by it’s author:

Editor: As a technology coordinator, I realize that there may be some areas where improved technology may be helpful in Wallingford, such as the direct deposit of paychecks as a convenience to employees.

However, after just going through the series of options, clicking buttons and listening to messages while on hold for the Social Security office in Meriden, I can truly appreciate the ability to call into the Wallingford Town Offices and be answered by a real human being who is ready to answer my questions. Some people may call the telephone an antiquated device, but I call this good service for the residents of Wallingford. Let’s not change what isn’t broken. MARY BETH APPLEGATE, WALLINGFORD

I couldn’t agree more with “let’s not change what isn’t broken”.

I would not want to institute a menu tree system into Town Hall; everyone (generally) dials directly into the department they are looking for or they get transferred when they reach the wrong office.

What I would want to add (not really a change per se but rather an add on in the service) would be voicemail.

While some departments and offices have it, others do not.

They all should.

Moving Wallingford forward – it’s what I am all about. Keeping things working that are already working and improving those services with efficiencies and cost savings.

That and adding services where they do not exist today that improve on this.

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