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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wallingford Taxes – MYTH and REALITY

From the “Contrast in candidates and campaigns: Dickinson-Zandri” article as published in the Record Journal on Sunday July 28, 2013.

“I think if you compare Wallingford with the surrounding area, we’re comparable,” Dickinson said. “We provide a full range of services. I don’t believe taxes have gone up beyond what they’ve gone up in many surrounding communities.”

There’s your first myth “I don’t believe taxes have gone up beyond what they’ve gone up in many surrounding communities”.

Below is your reality.

These are all comparable homes - Bedrooms: 3/4 beds / Bathrooms: 2 baths / Single Family: ABOUT 1,350 SQ FT / Lot: ABOUT 25,000 SQ FT


There’s actually a second myth here - “We provide a full range of services”. North Haven’s comparable home that pays about $40.00 more a year in taxes; they have regular curbside trash removal all included in the cost of their taxes and this includes a couple of bulky pick ups during the year. Wallingford residents pay for that out of their pocket.

They also have full day Kindergarten.

Both of those added cost burdens are managed by North Haven at the cost of an additional $40.00 in taxes against this cross section of homes.

For Wallingford to offer those two additional services taxes would need to go up approximately an additional 10%.


For a better cross comparison of the Wallingford average let’s take homes of all shapes and sizes – the present addresses of the Town Councilors and the Mayor and the taxes as taken from the Wallingford Tax office:


You do not have to take my word for it – call the tax office yourself and get your own taxes from the prior revaluation (pre 2005) and then compare them with your current taxes.

Knowledge – it’s a wonderful thing.