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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Windy City Teams with Microsoft on Cloud Strategy

Obviously this is not on scale with anything we could or might do here in Wallingford but it serves as an example to show what can be done when you make a concerted effort to think forward and move ahead and to do so in a way that streamlines efforts, expands services and reduced duplication and in the end, costs.

The Windy City Teams with Microsoft on Cloud Strategy

The following “City of Chicago Adopts Cloud Computing Strategy for City-wide Email and Applications” is from the city’s press release.

You cannot take away the cost savings numbers from the release as they reflect the City of Chicago with nearly as many employees as Wallingford has citizens but (at about two-thirds) but the key take away statements WOULD apply here:

”making our operations more effective and secure and saving taxpayer money”

”leveraging new technologies to streamline and modernize the way we do business in order to provide the residents of Chicago with the best service at the best price”

”The cloud strategy gives City employees the ability to do their jobs more effectively while saving taxpayer dollars, decreasing duplication among departments and streamlining our operations across the board,”

“The cloud strategy is a major step towards our goal of modernizing our information technology. Ultimately, updating the City’s digital infrastructure for the 21st century sets the foundation for innovation that will continue to move us forward.”

Wallingford can have this too – as long as it wants it and wants to keep “Moving Wallingford Forward

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