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Thursday, October 10, 2013

More voter support via Letters to the Record Journal




Since the screen shot above is a little difficult to read here is the text of that letter from Christopher Regan:

October 8th, 2013

Jason Zandri via

Subject: My original submission to the Record Journal / Op-ed (unedited)

Editor: Jason Zandri's campaign slogan "Moving Wallingford Forward" is exactly why I endorsing him for Mayor in this community. As a CEO with a national business headquartered in Wallingford and also as a resident I was stunned at the lack of any type of economic development incentives for business for when I moved my organization into town. Eight years later -- Wallingford hasn't advanced forward in any appreciable means as far as business owners are concerned.  We are not close to Wallingford Center, although we appreciate the work and support the efforts to beautify our town and make frequenting downtown businesses an enjoyable experience.

Jason has proven to me that he has fiscal responsibility, wants to take advantages of integrating modern day solutions to receive efficiency gains, gives full thought about impact to the community, and solicits opinions using tools that the modern day business executive has as its disposal (email, blogging, social media, etc.) in order to effectively communicate with the people he works for.  I like the fact that I can talk to him every day any day or read his views and opinions openly and honestly.

We recently became frustrated with the town's lack of response to a residential street issue.  We reached out to the Mayor's office, to the Town Council at large, and to the Department of public works.  The only response we received was when Jason came out, on a weekend and on his own time, with a video camera and documented our issue.  It was only until then that we then received a call from public works informing us to what was going to be done.

I applaud his work in the past, for the fireworks fund, and for this town's forward momentum.

Christopher J. Regan

President & CEO

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