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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wallingford seeking FEMA grant to buy Sheehan generator

This morning the Record Journal is running the story from of last night’s (Tuesday September 25th, 2013) meeting of the Town Council regarding Wallingford seeking FEMA grant to buy a generator for Sheehan for emergency use.

This is a great idea, as a matter of fact, I proposed something similar at the beginning of 2013 – please see the following prior blog post for those details; the Republicans at the time were more than happy to kill the idea and and conversation at the time.

Generator plan divides town council is the first of the two stories.

Wallingford Dems question GOP tactic is the second.

Both articles were written by Record Journal reporter Russell Blair.


At the end of the day while this is the proper step in the right direction the whole thing “hangs its hat” on getting that grant – if for some reason the grant monies go to other towns, Wallingford is not prepared to budget for this expense.

Not getting the grant does not make this need for emergency preparedness any less and we should have a back up plan to fund this regardless of our success with this or any other grants we might be eligible for.

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