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Friday, June 7, 2013

Mayor (Dickinson) in the way

As published in the letters to the editor section of the Record Journal Friday June 7, 2013

[NOTE – the cross posting of this writer’s letter is NOT their endorsement of me. I have posted this here because I am in full agreement with this writer – nothing more.]

Editor: Does the mayor of Wallingford serve the wants of his public or even that of his councilors?

We in Wallingford value life and our environment. Last Tuesday, seven of nine councilors agreed (Rascati abstained, Fishbein agreed with Mayor Dickinson) that a medication drop box would be a benefit to our community. The only thing in their way was our mayor.

As a physician assistant for over 30 years, I know firsthand of the problems that come from misuse of prescription drugs (narcotic and non-narcotic) and the measures medical providers take to combat prescription drug problems. Our community is attempting to take responsibility and combat prescription drugs making it into the wrong hands — but our hands are now tied.

Thirteen police chiefs in Connecticut are offering to discuss their drop box programs, and have provided answers to the mayor’s and Wallingford police chief ’s concerns, but the major just says no, expressing his personal opinions and spouting personal responsibility. How do we move forward into the current era when we have the questions and concerns that are raised and still hear no? I say the lives that could be saved could/would be members of his community, and that must matter.


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  1. I am no longer a wallingford resident however have a lot of friends and my family that still live in wallingford. I grew up in what was a small quaint town and my heart is still in wallingford. All I can say is that wallingford needs a new mayor you can't go through life with status quo. The town acknowledges it has a problem with drugs and yet we will do nothing to improve the quality of life. Give the people options if it fails then all we can say is it did not work but if we can save just one life isn't it all worth it. I am a firefighter and a paramedic and if you can save just one life it is all worth it.